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== People ==
Oltenians are a proud and ancient race, descending from Burebista the Hairy's elves that escaped the Romans. Their intelligence is renowned, as all of them are natural born leaders. This innate ability to rule other people makes them leave their beloved land, as there is no one to lead there, since everyone is a boss. This characteristic also makes them easily recognizable, apart from the leak(praz) smell: if you shout "boss!" on the street, there are 99% chances that the ones who turn their heads are Oltenians. They usually have long necks, so they can see leadership opportunities better, even if the boss job is beyond the mountains.
Oltenians are very superstitious people who are still afraid of the local monsters, especially the [[strigoi]]. Oltenia has a lot of old churches and monasteries, including the newly opened '''"Dintr-un Lemn de Bambus"''' Budhist [[shaolin]] kung-fu monastery, located deep in the mountains of northern Oltenia. Like all Romanians, the Oltenians main deity is [[Zaibarul]].
The number of personalities in Oltenia is equal with <math>N+1</math>, where <math>N</math> is the total number of Oltenians in www <math>+1</math> because of Mircea Dinescu who is not an Oltenian but he bought a house in Oltenia and act as one.
 Since an early age (7-8) children are send sent to school (parents had enough of them). Here they learn how to drink, smoke, curse, avoid work and other useful tricks for an easy life. The rest of them (1%) in between two pints of beer learn mathematics, physics or computer science.
Arts are very important in Oltenia. There everybody can sing. After few glasses of wine they remember their sacred obligation as members of the Drunken Philharmonic of Oltenia and they start rehearsals or even concerts.
At any other, more earthly sports they pretty much suck and, to give them a more fair shot, their main soccer team "University of Craiova" (which is a joke as everyone knows there are no universities in Oltenia) was transferred to the girls soccer league.
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