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8 octeți șterși, 16 aprilie 2007 11:42
Oltenians are a proud and ancient race, descending from Burebista the Hairy's elves that escaped the Romans. Their intelligence is renowned, as all of them are natural born leaders. This innate ability to rule other people makes them leave their beloved land, as there is no one to lead there, since everyone is a boss. This characteristic also makes them easily recognizable, apart from the leak(praz) smell: if you shout "boss!" on the street, there are 99% chances that the ones who turn their heads are Oltenians. They usually have long necks, so they can see leadership opportunities better, even if the boss job is beyond the mountains.
Because they They are very fast they talk using Present Perfect Tense which is as a label of them. in this way you can recognize them easy. If you hear them you better run else you will have them as leaders asap.
Since the competition for leadership is so fierce in Oltenia, the Oltenians usually build round houses, so the neighbors can't gossip around the corners.
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