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== History ==
Ancient legends say that Moldavians once gathered all the brighter ones (who not only had 10 fingers but could count on them) and put them all in a carriage, and sent them away from their country. The carriage travelled as far as Caracal, where it turned over due to bad driving skills of the leading Moldavian.
It is a well known historical fact that Oltenia was never under foreign occuption for more than a few years. This was probably due to the fact that all inhabitants were leaders, so they couldn't accept someone else to be their boss. Also, even when enslaved, Oltenians didn't work, because they were leaders, which finally made the occupants leave.
The greatest dictator of modern Romania, [[Ceausescu]], was born in Oltenia, too.
The greatest lider born in Oltenia is Mihai Viteazu'.
The bigest market in Craiova is Bania. There you can buy quality closes from the most important companies like: Nike, Adidas and Moda Alice.
== Economy ==
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