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| ''' Official [[language]]'''
| oltenaRomanian
| '''[[Capital]]'''
| '''[[Currency]]'''
| Zaibar, Praz, Romanian Leu
| '''[[National anthem]]'''
| "M-a facut mama muica oltean"
<!-- '''Oltenia''' has the largest drinking comunity in [[Europe]]. People here don`t drink water. they only drink wine (local variety zaibar), blood (especialy those of tourists), tuica (20-30 degrees fruit alcoholplum brandy) <table><tr><td>
Oltenia is a very beautiful picturesque land, lying around the rivers Olt and Jiu. Its Northern part is covered with hills and man-made lakes, while its Southern part is covered with vast plains. Although the historical province lies only between the rivers, those that live on the Eastern bank of Olt River are also called Oltenians and they are considered to be the pinnacle of Oltenian human evolution.
Its official capital is Craiova, but lately the most famous city in Oltenia is Caracal.
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