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Palinca [pa LINK kuh] is a traditionalised Hungarian/Rumanian liquor that is made from fermented (rotten) plums. The word palinca comes from the centuries-old term palinkata, which of course, means "put me in a happy place". In addition, the drug "palincaine" is derived from the basic atomic structure of this exact same base. In the country of Romania specifically, palincaine has been used as a numbing agent for years by dentists and physicians.

The typical family will drink a "shot" of palinca before every meal of the day. This includes infants, children and the elderly.

Before the revolution in 1989, before the demise of Communism, this drink was a welcome remedy to the daily trials and tribulations of the working class. Surprisingly, now that Capitalism has taken hold, palinca usage has inexplicably increased by 750%.