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This a very funny page. Whoever did it please add more and please translate it. I hate translating stuff.
if anybody feels like helping please do! Darcken 07:54, 27 Dec 2005 (UTC)

It is more or less funny I untherstand romanian ... delete it and bomb Bucarest

You cannot condemn a page just because you hate Bucharest. I hate Bucharest too, that is why I make fun of it. I translated all of it but the gramar is still messed up. I will try to make it better.

Darcken 06:51, 2 Jan 2006 (UTC)

How do you become a model bucurestian if you have no car?? Varkolak, 11.11.06

This article is an unfunny piece of shit. And Darken is a looser. But hey I respect the Dexters' lab fanboyism. My ip is : . DDOS PLS !

No car??? No bucharestian / Nai masina, nu esti bucurestean[modificare]

Have you even HEARD of the traffic congestion in Bucharest? Waiting 1 hour for 1 kilometer? That's Bucharest. If you are going to be a model Bucharestian, you have to own at least a car, to contribute to this hell of congestion. No walking, riding the bike or having the common transport.

Ai auzit macar de traficul prezent in Bucuresti astazi? Sa stai o ora pentru un kilometru? Asta e Bucurestiul. Daca ai de gand sa fii un buurestean model, trebuie sa ai macar o masina, ca sa contribui si tu la infern. NU mers, nu biciclete, nu transport in comun.

And please speak Romanian ok? / Si vorbiti dracului romaneste...

alien neciclopedie[modificare]

Please make your own transportation with no cars.Good non-plug-riding with good health.--Akihito makube romana 29 aprilie 2011 06:29 (UTC)