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„Muyae is just a matter of taste”

~ Oscar Wilde către Muie

successful people are called muisti [muyshti] (muie-performers) in '''Romania'''.

The former dictator of Romania, Ceausescu / Nea Nicu / Nea Nae / Ceasca / Pif was considered the leading muist in the country. Worldwide, the name is attributable to personalities like George Bush and Bill Gates.


blow job

dick sucking


mouth filling

give head

eating cabbage rolls


Famous Quotes


"Muie! Ti-am spus!" - Traian Basescu a.k.a. "Base", refering to A. Nastase (a.k.a. Bombonel), 12.12.2004 after winning second round in Romanian 2004 Presidential Elections.

"... Da-mi place ca ma distrez si ma exprim, sa-i dau la muie lu' Voiculescu!..." - Gigi Becali a.k.a. "Jiji", in an telephonic interview at Antena 1.

"Sa-ti trag la muie!" - Parazitii

"m.U.E." - Constantin Irimia, inspector for european integration, prefecture of Vaslui.

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