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This is an overview of the namespaces table. Meanings of the data in the columns:

NumberNamespace number (0-15 used internally within MediaWiki, odd numbers are talk namespaces)
NameNamespace name, used as a prefix: on wiki pages in this namespace.
DefaultThis is the default name of this namespace in the local language, not an alias.
daNamespace is listed under this name in Special:Allpages
nuNamespace is reachable under this name, but some other prefix exists as displayed default.
CanonicalThis is the default name of the namespace before translation.
daYes. (Note that each numbered namespace has exactly one canonical name.)

See for more information about namespaces.

Number Name Default Canonical
0 Neciștiri nu nu
26 Necimanuale da da
27 Discuție Necimanuale da da
30 Necikţionar da da
31 Discuție Necikţionar da da
32 Necicitat da da
33 Discuție Necicitat da da
110 Forum da da
111 Discuție Forum da da