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This paragraph paragrph is somewhat lacking in information. This will very soon be adressed by the Oltenian Intellectual Guerrilla - a small band of mutated oltenians, who spend their evenings not chasing chicks at the disco (also not downloading porn) but creating jokes for others to enjoy when drunk & stupid (pretty much all the time in Oltenia).
Stay tuned to this page as we will cover the geographical marvels of this area that rivals the Bermuda Triangle and Siberia, as well as the cities of Craiova, TgJiu and the pinnacle of oltenian art and culture - Caracal.
Because the oltenia people are wery proud they named their capital Craiova with a german name witch in reality is the name of the popular food named praz. So they named Craiova Prazburg(city of praz). A better name isn't it? And is like german
==Flora and Fauna==
Because of the huge usage of leak and Present Perfect Tense some historians have advanced the hypothesis of common roots with the Brits. However no evidences were found.
Due to the large percentage of [[argon]] in Praz, which cannot be assimilated by [[women]], thus being deposited in the cranium and [[gluteus maximus]], thus making the female population in Oltenia prone to having abnormally large heads and asses. This also causes their body temperature to raise a couple of degrees and that's why the rest of romania calls them "Oltence Fierbinti" (hot oltenian women).
The males can eliminate the argon in their urine, yet to be able to do so they suffer a mutation medical science knows as [[inverted penis]]
Oltenians are very superstitious people who are still afraid of the local monsters, especially the [[strigoi]]. Oltenia has a lot of old churches and monasteries, including the newly opened '''"Dintr-un Lemn de Bambus"''' Budhist [[shaolin]] kung-fu monastery, located deep in the mountains of northern Oltenia. Like all Romanians, the Oltenians main deity is [[the NecrowizardBeer]]; other deities include Maggi - the heart goddess of free money, and Treilazecemii - the god of cheap socks.
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