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38 de octeți șterși, 8 iunie 2007 19:39
''Nea Marin'' aka ''Nea Marin Miliardarul'' (Nea Marin the billionaire) - is an infamous character that lived in Oltenia some time ago. He was known to be able to use the dark side of the force to transform ''praz'' into one-hundred dollar bills. A movie was made based on his character. Nea Marin fled Oltenia "with the wire" (cu sarma). Nobody heard of him since.
Constantin Brancusi, Tudor Arghezi, Alexandru Macedonski, Jean Negulescu, Leana & Costel...
Since an early age (7-8) children are send to school (parents had enough of them). Here they learn how to drink, smoke, curse, play football, how to avoid work and other useful tricks for an easy life. The rest of them (1%) in between two pints of beer learn mathematics, physics or computer science.
Arts are very important in Oltenia. There everybody can sing. After few glasses of wine they remember the saint duty their sacred obligation as members of Drunk the Drunken Philharmonic of Oltenia and they start rehearsals or even concerts.
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