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This paragraph is somewhat lacking in information. This will very soon be adressed by the Oltenian Intellectual Guerrilla - a small band of mutated oltenians, who spend their evenings not chasing chicks at the disco (also not downloading porn) but creating jokes for others to enjoy when drunk & stupid (pretty much all the time in Oltenia).
Stay tuned to this page as we will cover the geographical marvels of this area that rivals the Bermuda Triangle and Siberia, as well as the cities of Craiova, TgJiu and the pinnacle of oltenian art and culture - Caracal.
==Flora and Fauna==
In the last years the specialists in economy observed a high tendency in ''outsourcing''. Nowadays the Oltenians have broken the barriers of space and they do their occupations anywhere where people are stupid enough to believe them.
Also most of the Oltenians are away in the [[European Union]] either stealing cars or prostituting, depending on their gender...
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