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De la Neciclopedie
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How They Live Now[modificare]

O-Zone Facts[modificare]

  • Arsenie Toderas is actually a gorgonzite from the planet Meldar. He changed the y to an e to immigrate to Orlando and join the band.
  • Pictures of them in bed got leaked into the Windows XP default background and that is why XP sucks.
  • When Dan started the band he lured the future members to his house with nude pictures of Richard Simmons.
  • Radu is still gay after several attempts of trying to be straight or at least bi. Ryan Seacrest to thank for this.
  • NSYNC beat them in Celebrity Deathmatch twice, even though NSYNC makes the Backstreet Boys look macho. They won because O-Zone makes NSYNC look macho. They all joined in a reconciliatory bilingual eightsome backstage
  • O-Zone is still singing songs for their Gay Dance Club
  • Snickers the Dog is now in phyciatric help after all three of them raped him a lot.