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About O-Zone[modificare]

O-Zone stared when a gay musical gypsy named Dan Balan called his new bed buddies over and had a gay dance party which led to them all sleep with each other. Since they found out they had become gay and had to hide it, they started a band in which they all sang so terribly that it quite covered up their girly voices. But all of the gayness got to their heads and started touching little boys. They were soon discovered with Michael Jackson in a basement in Romania and once înapoi hid their gayness by sleeping with each others moms. Dan then became straight with your mom and had to break away from the gay band. He started a somewhat successfull career and left the other members to rot and become male prositutes. Radu was the most succesfull in that and has been on covers of magazines like: Playgirl and Buns 'N Ammo. In 1984 the entire band starred in Romanian Gay Bands Gone Wild! along with the Backstreet Boys and other unsuccesfull boy bands.

Rise to (temporary) popularity and the Numa Numa dance[modificare]

The only reason they are famous is because a fat nerd from New Jersey got bored one night and did a hilarious dance to their crappy song Dragostea din tei. He called the video "The Numa Numa dance" and made the band popular in Europe, turning the entire population of the whole continent into ignorant, mindless drones. They have yet to snap out of this sick mind control. They had little popularity as a band in America, because the American people can't speak gypsy and everybody gave credit to Gary Brolsma anyway.

How They Live Now[modificare]

Dan now works at McDonalds, no strings attached. Radu is now head of MTV. Male Teen Videos... Arsenie is now happy and content with his new pedophile job. Myspace can't run itself, you know!

Popular Songs[modificare]

All the fags sold was three albums, one to each of their mothers. Wait! I got 1 Never mind that was just Dragostea din tei

Hold on thinking

I got 1! No, Numai Tu is not a song Uh

Still thinking


- Oh well, neither is Despre Tine a "real" song...


Everybody really pissed them off. Idiots! It all started when a rival Romanian fag-singer told Radu's hair dresser to make him a winter. The bastard, his face was obviously much too ugly for such a severe shade...

The True Members[modificare]

O-Zone Facts[modificare]

  • Arsenie Toderas is actually a gorgonzite from the planet Meldar. He changed the y to an e to immigrate to Orlando and join the band.
  • Pictures of them in bed got leaked into the Windows XP default background and that is why XP sucks.
  • When Dan started the band he lured the future members to his house with nude pictures of Richard Simmons.
  • Radu is still gay after several attempts of trying to be straight or at least bi. Ryan Seacrest to thank for this.
  • NSYNC beat them in Celebrity Deathmatch twice, even though NSYNC makes the Backstreet Boys look macho. They won because O-Zone makes NSYNC look macho. They all joined in a reconciliatory bilingual eightsome backstage
  • O-Zone is still singing songs for their Gay Dance Club
  • Snickers the Dog is now in phyciatric help after all three of them raped him a lot.