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Romanian Exports[modificare]

The great nation of Romania currently has only 3 exports, since these are the only products that other countries have been willing to buy. This is mainly due to the power of Romania's currency, the Pineapple, which has allowed Romania to trade on the global stage at a very favourable basis, driving prices of their products to extraordinarily high levels.

These exports, in order of popularity, are: -

Graph of Romanian Exports[modificare]


Cheap Romanian Vodka[modificare]

Although it is one of Romania's top three exports, surprisingly little information on cheap Romanian vodka could be located. This lack of research sources dedicated to Romanian Vodka is clearly cast-iron proof that the entire Romanian vodka trade is in fact a front for a secret organisation dedicated to smuggling it into countries where it is banned by law, and thus turning a vast profit. An undercover researcher has been sent into Romania to investigate, so stay tuned for further news!